Facts about Syria

syriaSyria is probably the most peaceful and friendly country in the Middle East. Where there is no civil was or bombing, no terrorist attacks or kidnapping. Syria is the safest place for tourists to visit. Still despite of amazing and unforgettable historical sights and cultural traditions the number of tourists cannot be compared with the famous Egypt.

The name Syria is believed to come from Greek or Roman times when the present territories of Syria were called the Provincia Syria. The history of Syria leads us to the Stone Age and such civilisations as Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Byzantines, Islamic dynasties, Crusaders and Ottoman Turks, even French and British left trace in the Syrian history. An amazing location where different civilization met gave Syria its colourful past and no doubt an astonishing heritage. Not many countries have such diversity in their history as Syria. Syria offers us great sights of the Roman theatre in Bosra, Roman ruins in Palmyra and Apamea, the labyrinthine old city in Damascus, the finest Crusader castle - Crak des Chevaliers and abandoned Byzantine towns - The Dead Cities in Serjilla.

Visit Syria it is like to live a moment in famous The Thousand and One Night. You can listen to the fairly tales of Sheherezade, loose yourself in the abandoned cities, dream about the king, emirs and princess. We should be grateful to Sir Richard Burton who visited Syria as an explorer and a diplomat and translated The Thousand and One Night. Now we can enjoy it before visiting Syria and be inspired of the traditional Eastern culture. A famous detective writer Agatha Christi stopped at the Aleppo’s Baron Hotel on her way to join the husband Sir Max Mallowan who was an archaeologist and dug Euphrates. The inspiration of the Arab Revolt in Syria TE Lawrence or Lawrence of Arabia stayed at the same hotel earlier. He called the Crusaders castle – the Crak des Chevaliers – the most beautiful castle in the world. Of course, we all remember an actor Omar Shariff in a historical interpretation of the life of the Lawrence of Arabia in the movie. The live in Syria is quiet and time goes by not so quickly as in big cities. You still can visit the Aleppo’s Baron Hotel, which didn’t change with time, coffeehouses and souq where still exists the spirit of The Thousand and One Night and take home a piece of these culture and traditions which will be in your heart forever.

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